Philippe Karl, former écuyer of the Cadre Noir in France, created The School of Légèreté (French for lightness) to pass on his philosophy to committed riders and instructors. The School now runs courses and clinics in over 10 countries.

Because of the world-wide demand for lessons, courses for new applicants are taught by one of Philippe Karl's master teachers, each of whom have many years experience with Philippe Karl in person as well as being established teachers and trainers in their own right. From 2020, courses in the UK will be taught by master teacher Sylvia Stoessel. 

The founding principle of the School of Légèreté is absolute respect for horses. This approach avoids any use of forceful riding or coercive gadgets such as side reins, draw reins or tight nosebands.

The School offers understandable and reliable methods of riding and training that work for horses of all breeds and riders at all levels in all equestrian disciplines. It also opens the door to haute école for any seriously committed rider, even if you have only a very 'ordinary' horse.

Join us as a spectator or participant in courses and clinics of the School here in the UK and discover how you too can develop a deep relationship of trust and bring out the best in your horse through schooling based on empathy, skill and understanding.


Further information on Philippe Karl and the worldwide activities of the School of Légèreté is available at

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Next UK Clinic

Our next UK clinic will be

Tue 28th to Thu 30th April 2020

At The Unicorn Trust, Stow-on-the-Wold

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New Rider Applications

Applications are being accepted from instructors who would like to join a future course.

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